Sean Roche, Solicitor - Profile Photo
Sean Roche, Solicitor

Leading Roche Legal’s Springwood office (and floating across Brisbane City and the Sunshine Coast offices), Sean helps clients obtain maximum compensation for motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation and public liability claims.

Through free initial consultations, Sean can quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses in potential claims. He communicates clearly and openly with clients to explain the best way to navigate the legal process ahead.

As the Director of the firm, Sean is able to be flexible with his clients’ specific needs without any red tape.

Whilst a student at Queensland University of Technology, Lawyers Weekly Magazine selected Sean as one of the top 8 law students in Australia. His selection was largely based on his innovative approach to helping ordinary Australians gain access to justice where they would otherwise not be able to afford it. Sean is proud of knowing that his work changed the lives of multiple people.

After completing his Bachelor of Laws, Sean commenced his legal career in New York City, working for one of the worlds’ largest defence firms. Early in his career, he also worked for a large insurance defence firm in Queensland.

Working on the defence never felt right for Sean, and he remembers his colleagues would question him at times, saying things like “are you sure you’re on the right side?” and “you know that we are Goliath, not David, right?”. After considering these comments, Sean resigned from working for defendant insurers and decided to focus his efforts on helping individuals take the insurers to task.

Before becoming a lawyer, Sean completed a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at the University of Queensland and worked as a Management Consultant and Valuer in an award winning ASX listed engineering firm. In fact, in 2011 he independently valued each of the 68 State-owned courthouses in Queensland. Sean also helped teach the principles of property valuation to students at the University of Queensland. Sean’s experience as a consultant and teacher makes him an excellent communicator so you can be assured that he will keep you fully informed throughout your case in a way that you can actually understand.