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Slipped over at a shopping centre? – The 20 Minute Warning

If you’ve slipped over at a supermarket or shopping centre and sustained an injury, your ability to be successful in a compensation claim can depend on one single element: when did the spillage occur? 

In Queensland, the standard for cleaning rotations of publicly used spaces such as shopping centres is 15-20 minutes. This standard was set in 2012 by the High Court case of Strong v Woolworths Limited (trading as Big W).

In Strong, the incident area had not ...

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3 Considerations in the Search for the Right Injury Lawyer

No one wants to be involved in an accident, especially whilst at work. However, accidents can and will happen. There is no way to avoid them entirely. In the unfortunate event that one occurs in the workplace, the best way to protect yourself financially is by hiring a good workplace personal injury lawyer. 

Being involved in an accident can be incredibly damaging to the injured party. They may lose the capacity to work, either temporarily or permanently, ...

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Common Workplace Injuries That You Need to Know About

Working professionals, no matter what position you have or which industry you’re in, are not immune to accidents. Even if you have a nine-to-five office job and you sit at your desk all day, you can still face a workplace injury—maybe not physically, but possibly mentally and/or emotionally.

No matter how careful you are within the environment you work in, you are still at risk of experiencing an unwanted incident that can lead you to feel helpless. ...

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Contesting a Will in Queensland – Here’s What You Need to Do

Contesting a will (or challenging the administration of an estate if there was no will) can be a delicate and complex matter to resolve. The courts are quite wary and careful about interfering with the wishes of a deceased person. However, there are situations when contesting a last will is absolutely necessary, especially when a beneficiary feels they’ve been treated unfairly. This is commonly called a Family Provision Application (FPA).

Whenever someone wants to contest a will, ...

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4 “Unwinnable” Compensation Claims That You Can Actually Win

Victims of accidents can often feel that despite their injuries, they aren’t entitled or able to make a claim for compensation. Or, if they did make a claim, they would be on the losing end of a case that seems virtually unwinnable. However, when it comes to taking legal action for personal injuries, many people may be surprised at how many types of cases they can claim for. 

Consulting a lawyer will be your best bet to ...

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Injury assessed at 0% Impairment by Workcover? Here’s why it might not matter

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, chances are you have made a workers compensation claim through Workcover, Queensland’s largest workplace injury insurer.

At the end your rehabilitation, the claim is usually closed by Workcover sending you to a doctor for an independent medical examination (IME) and then issuing you with a Notice of Assessment. The notice quantifies your injury with a score from 0-100%.

This score is your assessed Degree of Permanent Impairment and if your injury is ...

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Top 8 Forgotten Assets When You Die In Your 30’s

If you are tasked with being the Executor or Administrator of the estate of a lost loved one who left this world too soon, you know that whilst still grieving you must act in an administrative role to close out their affairs. After organising the funeral, the next step is to ascertain the lost loved one’s assets and liabilities.

Typical assets and liabilities may include, for example:

  • real estate
  • mortgages
  • cars
  • personal loans
  • cash
  • bank accounts
  • credit cards
  • furniture and household appliances
  • jewellery
  • shares and other investments
  • business holdings
  • insurance policies
  • superannuation

Determining the Liabilities ...

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10 Steps to Take After a Car Accident in Queensland

A car accident should always be taken seriously, no matter the severity. The compensation claim process can be complex, and strict time limits apply to making claims. If you have been involved in an accident and wish to discuss your options urgently, contact ROCHE Legal today.

In the meantime, here are the 10 steps to take after a car accident.

Step 1: Get to Safety

Getting off the road is important, not only for you and the other passengers, but for the general safety ...

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Don’t let Workcover close your claim without getting a ‘Notice of Assessment’

For some people, receiving a weekly payment from Workcover Queensland following an workplace injury is enough to tide them over until they have fully recovered and returned to work. In this case, Workcover will stop paying a weekly benefit and close the claim – balance is restored – everybody is happy.

But what if despite returning to work, you haven’t “fully” recovered?

Or what if you had to find a new job that is different and less physical than your old one?

If ...

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International Player Eligibility for The Qantas Wallabies

If you are a high calibre rugby player from overseas, seeking to determine your eligibility to represent Australia by playing for the Qantas Wallabies in this years’ World Cup in Japan, the time is now to perform a simple calculation.

World Rugby Regulation 8 sets out the rules for being eligible to represent a country at international level for the fifteen-a-side game. To put it simply, you must either:

  1. complete 36 consecutive months (3 years) of Residence immediately preceding ...
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