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What are the maximum damages for pain and suffering in Queensland?

Heads of Damage

Those who are injured due to the negligence of someone are often entitled claim for the following heads of damage:

  • General Damages (Pain and Suffering) – a claim to receive a lump sum payment for the injured person’s pain, suffering, and loss of amenity of life.
  • Past Economic Loss – a claim to recover the income you were not able to generate because you were unable to work while you were injured and receiving treatment.
  • Future Economic Loss – ...
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Average payouts for personal injury claims in Queensland

Payouts for personal injury claims are generally kept confidential and are usually only public knowledge if a judge determines the appropriate amount. In Queensland, the largest personal injury claim is considered to be around $20 million dollars for a heart-breaking and serious brain injury where the claimant required constant care and assistance for the remainder of his life.

So personal injury claim payouts (or judgement awards, if the matter goes to trial) in Queensland can range anywhere from $0 – $20 ...

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