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Injury assessed at 0% Impairment by Workcover? Here’s why it might not matter

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, chances are you have made a workers compensation claim through Workcover, Queensland’s largest workplace injury insurer.

At the end your rehabilitation, the claim is usually closed by Workcover sending you to a doctor for an independent medical examination (IME) and then issuing you with a Notice of Assessment. The notice quantifies your injury with a score from 0-100%.

This score is your assessed Degree of Permanent Impairment and if your injury is ...

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Receiving Workcover Benefits? Don’t let them close your claim without getting a ‘Notice of Assessment’ first

For some people, receiving a weekly payment from Workcover following an workplace injury is enough to tide them over until they have fully recovered and returned to work. In this case, Workcover will stop paying a weekly benefit and close the claim – balance is restored – everybody is happy.

But what if despite returning to work, you haven’t “fully” recovered?

Or what if you had to find a new job that is different and less physical than your old one?

If either ...

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