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Trademark Scam Alert

If you apply to register a trademark in Australia (through IP Australia), beware of unsolicited invoices which follow. Within 3 months, there is an almost 100% likelihood that you will receive letters from ‘TPP – Trademark & Patent Publications’ (from Poland / Czech Republic) and ‘TM-Edition – International Catalogue of Trademarks’ (Hungary) asking you to pay $2,080 and $1,850 respectively. These letters are trademark scams.

Example Scam Letters:

If you receive a letter from either company, we urge you to put it straight in the trash – or if you are concerned, scan it in and email it to us for a free assessment.

In Australia, a trademark application costs $120. If accepted, registration then costs $300. DO NOT pay any organisation other than your lawyer or IP Australia.

The fine print on both letters reads something to the effect of stating that the letter is in fact merely an offer and not an invoice. The design of the letters are clearly misleading as invoices, displaying an amount  alongside a bank account in order to pay.

IP Australia have been aware of this problem for over two years but do not warn you throughout the online registration process. If in doubt, contact them directly or call us for free advice over the phone.


About the Author:

This post was authored by one of the Solicitors at ROCHE Legal. Should you have any questions, please contact our office.
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