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You insure things that are important to you – your house, car, business, etc. Why not insure your relationship?

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    Hi, my name is Christopher Roche. Ever since entering the legal profession in 1986, I have found that there is only ONE way to ensure that you don’t get taken to the cleaners if your relationship breaks down. And that is to be prepared and take action early, preferably while your relationship is on foot and going well. The sooner you take action, the better off you’ll be. Doing nothing after reading this page could end up being the worst mistake of your life.

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    True or Fale: Prenuptial Agreements Are Not Legally Binding in Australia


    Incorrect! Try again.


    Correct! Prenups are indeed legally binding in Australia. However, we call these “Binding Financial Agreements”. When done right, these agreements are very much binding and difficult to challenge in court. The agreements can be entered into with your partner at any stage, including before or after moving in together or before or after marriage.

    Get ROCHE Legal’s Financial Protection Pack (FPP)

    Get started with Roche Legal’s financial protection pack (‘FPP’) for relationships. It’s our basic plan that’s tailored to protect you with respect to your:

    • Relationship finances
    • Will
    • Future inheritance
    • Superannuation and life insurance payouts
    • Future capacity to make financial decisions
    • Business structures (if applicable)

    Luke’s Story – Male, 41yrs old

    I really didn’t want to bring up the idea of a prenup to my fiance. I figured it would make her doubt my certainty about our relationship or cause problems. So I said nothing. Approximately 10 years later, we divorced for reasons I don’t think either of us saw coming.

    By then, kids were involved and my business was thriving – we were financially comfortable. To ensure an amicable split, I had to give up what I considered to be more than fair and now I resent her which is not a feeling I enjoy having. My business was ruined as a result of the split.

    Thankfully, I have since met a wonderful woman who understands that finances should be protected for both of us, and this time around, I wasn’t afraid to bring up the subject. We have been together for two years now and things are going great and we both know that should things not work out for whatever reason, we have certainty on where we will stand financially.

    Sharon’s Story – Female, 34yrs old

    My boyfriend was always struggling to hold down a job, we didn’t struggle for much but we didn’t save either. I didn’t think I’d need relationship insurance because collectively neither of us had any assets of value.

    Around the time things started to sour with our relationship, my mother passed away. In her will, she left me her house.

    Around two years later when i finally separated from my boyfriend, he was able to claim half of my mother’s house that was left to me.

    I wish I had Roche Legal’s FPP to prevent that. I didn’t even consider my inheritance. I should’ve protected what was mine.

    Luke and Sharon are fictional examples of how ROCHE Legal’s FPP may work for you. However it is important to consider your own personal circumstances. For a private 1 on 1 conversation with a lawyer, contact us today.

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    We can help with the following financial aspects of a relationship:

    • Prenups
    • Postnups
    • Binding Financial Agreements
    • Spousal Maintenance Agreements (“Alimony”)
    • Binding Child Support Agreements
    • Comprehensive Asset Protection
    • Trusts

    And if it is not listed above, then give us a call and we’ll provide you with a cost estimate.


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