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Compensation for Prize Bull mistakenly shot and killed

In 2018, a client of Roche Legal was living on leased farmland and raised cattle. In particular, the farmer was in the early stages of establishing a line of prize winning cattle. He had spent considerable time searching for an ideal Brangus bull, the type and quality of which could reproduce and be the foundation of a stud program.

A prize winning Brangus bull was sourced to be the sire (father) and mate with our client’s ...

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Injured support worker wins TPD claim of over $150,000 after slipping in shower

The Accident

In 2019, a client of ROCHE Legal in their late 50’s was working as a disability support worker. The support worker was unfortunately injured at work when assisting an elderly resident in a well-known disability support and aged care facility take a shower. Specifically, the injury occurred when the support worker slipped in the shower causing the worker to lose balance and twist their knee.

The shower at the care facility had a ...

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At-fault driver say “sorry”? They still cannot be sued

In Queensland, the Motor Accident Insurance Act 1994 (Qld) (‘the Act’) determines the process of how a CTP claim must be made by an injured person, and how the at-fault driver and their CTP insurer must respond to the claim. An at-fault driver (or rider) is insured by a CTP insurer so long as the vehicle that caused the accident and injury was validly registered at the time of the accident.

Whenever legal action is brought ...

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How To Win A TPD Claim

If you’ve found this article, chances are you already know that many superannuation funds contain an insurance policy for total and permanent disability (TPD). These policies, often worth $100,000’s, can be claimed on if you experience a personal injury or disability which prevents you from being able to return to work. Understanding the TPD claim process and requirements is fundamental to winning your TPD Claim.

When it comes to TPD insurance, each superannuation fund’s insurer has ...

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Common Law Pay Outs – Actual Results, Queensland

If you have been injured at work and made a workers compensation claim, you will eventually learn that your weekly benefits are not going to be paid forever. Eventually, the workers compensation insurer (usually Workcover Queensland) will close out your claim by sending you to an independent medical examination (or for psychiatric injuries – to the Medical Assessment Tribunal) for the purpose of a permanent impairment assessment. After the examination, you will be issued ...

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