Don't be caught! Before you see anybody, find out what "No Win, No Fee" REALLY means.

If you engage another ‘no win no fee’ law firm, you may still end up being liable to pay the other side’s legal fees if you lose your case. But at ROCHE Legal, we remove this risk.


'No Win, No Risk ®' Compensation Claim Services

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The ROCHE Legal Difference

No Win No Fee in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

worried-30148_640By now, everyone has heard of No Win No Fee lawyers. ‘No Win No Fee’ usually means that your lawyer will not charge you for professional fees and/or expenses if your claim is unsuccessful. But usually, you will still have to pay court costs to the other side – this could cost you your house!

Our Solicitor Director was the first lawyer in Australia to publicly market No Win No fee way back in the early 90s. Whilst 99% of competing lawyers have jumped on that bandwagon, Christopher Roche went even further way back then and offered 100% protection to cover clients who were unsuccessful in their claim.

In the unlikely event that your claim is unsuccessful, we will pay the other sides court awarded costs for you – provided you have been honest with us throughout your claim.

Therefore, we recommend you check other lawyers’ “No Win, No Fee” statements very carefully, especially if there is an asterisk* or fine print.

This is why we say our No Win No Risk® service is

Better than ‘No Win No Fee’

We offer a total, cost free guarantee if your claim is unsuccessful. Learn more about our No Risk Guarantee.

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