Capped legal fees for all personal injury compensation claims

The “50/50 Rule”

In Queensland, most law firms which operate with a ‘No Win, No Fee’ offer are legally entitled to charge you a maximum of 50% of your settlement or court award – if its justified. This maximum charge is known as the ’50/50 rule’.

Our “60/40 Rule”

At ROCHE Legal, we believe you deserve more than just half of your settlement. The maximum charge we will ever justify is only 40%. This means, with us, you are guaranteed to collect a minimum of 60% of your settlement.

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No Win No Fee Comparison

Other Law Firms

(based on the standard 50/50 rule)

  • Your Compensation (Minimum): 50%
  • Their Legal Fee (Maximum): 50%


(based on our 60/40 fee cap)

  • Your Compensation (Minimum): 60%
  • Our Legal Fee (Maximum): 40%

A worked example

In ordinary circumstances, if your claim doesn’t go to court and settles for $100,000, with fees under the Costs Agreement being $50,000, then your lawyer’s professional costs under the 50/50 Rule could only be charged as follows:

Calculation – Ordinary 50/50 Rule

50% of ($100,000 less (statutory refunds of say $15,000 in total, plus, disbursements of say $5,000) which is 50% of ($100,000 – $20,000) and equates to 50% of $80,000 = $40,000.

Calculation – ROCHE Legal’s 60/40 Rule

40% of ($100,000 less (statutory refunds of say $15,000 in total, plus, disbursements of say $5,000) which is 40% of ($100,000 – $20,000) and equates to 40% of $80,000 = $32,000.

So the total professional costs that your ordinary lawyer could take is $40,000 despite their legal fees really being $50,000.

But at ROCHE Legal, the most we could charge in the same scenario is $32,000.

This is an $8,000 difference to you.

‘No Risk’ is Better than ‘No Win No Fee’
No Risk Guarantee

Did you know that in most ‘No Win No Fee‘ agreements, you still have to pay the fee of the other party if you lose? This could cost you your house.

At ROCHE Legal, we do one better. We give you the usual ‘No Win No Fee’ deal but also add our special ‘No Risk’ protection. This means you will not pay fees from anyone if you lose – even from the other side. If you lose, we guarantee to pay the other side’s legal fees for you in order to provide you with an absolute 100% risk free service.

Our only condition is that you are truthful throughout your claim.

No Win No Risk – Better than No Win No Fee.

The ROCHE Legal Difference

Our Fee Options

No Win, No Risk® Services

If you engage us on a No Win, No Risk® basis, you don’t pay anything until your claim is settled. Because we won’t get paid until you do, you can be sure we make the process proceed as fast as possible.

The maximum you will pay under the ROCHE Legal 60/40 Guarantee

Read more about the 50/50 rule and how most competitors charge

In addition, if you lose your case we will even cover the cost of legal fees payable to the other side. Be careful – most ‘No Win No Fee’ firms do not offer this protection.

Fixed Fee Services

We understand you may be hesitant to engage a lawyer due to the fear of not knowing what it will end up costing you. Quotes from other lawyers may end up blowing out of proportion in the end.

So, we offer Fixed Fees for our other legal services which takes away the risk of the unknown.

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We specialise in fixed fees and are able to accurately estimate anticipated costs.