Capped legal fees for all compensation claims

The “50/50 Rule”

In Queensland, most law firms which operate with a ‘No Win, No Fee’ offer are legally entitled to charge you a maximum of 50% of your settlement or court award – if its justified. This maximum charge is known as the ’50/50 rule’.

Our “60/40 Rule”

At ROCHE Legal, we believe you deserve more than just half of your settlement. The maximum charge we will ever justify is only 40%. This means, with us, you are guaranteed to collect a minimum of 60% of your settlement.

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No Win No Fee Comparison

Other Law Firms

(based on the standard 50/50 rule)

  • Your Compensation (Minimum): 50%
  • Their Legal Fee (Maximum): 50%


(based on our 60/40 fee cap)

  • Your Compensation (Minimum): 60%
  • Our Legal Fee (Maximum): 40%

A worked example

In ordinary circumstances, if your claim doesn’t go to court and settles for $100,000, with fees under the Costs Agreement being $50,000, then your lawyer’s professional costs under the 50/50 Rule could only be charged as follows:

Calculation – Ordinary 50/50 Rule

50% of ($100,000 less (statutory refunds of say $15,000 in total, plus, disbursements of say $5,000) which is 50% of ($100,000 – $20,000) and equates to 50% of $80,000 = $40,000.

Calculation – ROCHE Legal’s 60/40 Rule

40% of ($100,000 less (statutory refunds of say $15,000 in total, plus, disbursements of say $5,000) which is 40% of ($100,000 – $20,000) and equates to 40% of $80,000 = $32,000.

So the total professional costs that your ordinary lawyer could take is $40,000 despite their legal fees really being $50,000.

But at ROCHE Legal, the most we could charge in the same scenario is $32,000.

This is an $8,000 difference to you.