As we age we need to consider the fact that none of us are immortal. It is important to make a will and address how we would like our estate administered.

We also may face the prospect of diminishing mental capacity and the need to nominate trusted decision makers to handle your financial and personal/lifestyle matters.

There are other issues particularly relevant to you as you age. This Free Legal Health Check addresses all of these issues and is endorsed by Dennis Road Medical.

There are 32 questions in this quiz. It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete. No questions are compulsory. If something does not apply to you, feel free to skip the question and move on.


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1. Your Legacy


Your will

Your will is an official legal document which determines how your estate is distributed when you die.

Do you have a valid will?
Do you know what happens to your estate if you do not have a will?
Do you know what a Bloodline Trust is and the benefits it can have for your next of kin by protecting your assets for your own children in the event they divorce?
Do you want to know more about how your representatives apply for a grant of probate in the event of your death?

Advance health care directives

Advance health care directives are written statements regarding a person's instructions as to the type and extent of health care that they wish to receive in the event of losing the capacity to make decisions.

Do you have an Advanced Health Care Directive?

Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA) allows you to authorise another person to make decisions on your behalf in the event that you lose the capacity to do so.

Do you have an Enduring Power of Attorney?

Guardianship and Management of your Financial Affairs

Where an older person has failed to prearrange substitute decision-making, in Queensland, QCAT has the power to appoint a guardian to make decisions for that person. They also have the power to appoint an administrator who can make financial decisions on the person’s behalf.

Do you have any concerns about any guardianship or administrator arrangements?

Nominee arrangements

Did you know that if you want someone else to handle your Centrelink, Child Support or Medicare dealings that you can provide a limited authority for them to deal with those bodies on your behalf? Social Security is a function of the Commonwealth and as such Centrelink does not automatically recognise powers of attorney that are prepared pursuant to State legislation.

Do you have any concerns about or an interest in a nominee handling your Centrelink, Child support or Medicare dealings?

2. Grandparenting

Being denied access to or contact with your grandchildren

Sometimes when adult children separate or divorce this can result in grandparents not being granted any or reduced access to or contact with their children. This is often the case with the parents of the person who is no longer living with the children following the separation or divorce. It can also occur when the relationship between the grandparents and their own child deteriorates for whatever reason.

Would you like to talk confidentially about what your options are?
Do you have any concerns about being denied access to your grand-children?

Grandparents that have or want the care of their grandchildren

Grandparents may be able to get full-time care of their grandchildren, through a residence order from the Family Court or a care and protection order from the Children's Court. This can be a very complex area of the law.
Are you worried about the welfare of any of your grandchildren?
Do you need any help in obtaining a residence or protection order for your grandchildren or in seeking an order from the Children’s court or assistance from the State?

3. Legal issues related to Accommodation


Are you in the following accommodation or contemplating the following accommodation?
Do you have any concerns regarding your accommodation needs?

Nursing homes/residential Aged Care

Are you concerned about:

Retirement villages

Are you concerned about:

Home units under strata title

Are you concerned about:

Public housing tenancy

Are you concerned about:

Private tenancy

Are you concerned about:

Home ownership

Are you concerned about:

Boarders and lodgers

Are you concerned about:

4. Health related legal issues


Do you have any concerns about:

Medication misuse

Do you have any concerns about medication misuse:


If you are suffering from a disability do you have any concerns about:

5. Financial and consumer related legal issues

Social Security and Veterans' Pensions

Do you have any of the following financial and consumer issues?

Banking, credit and debt

Have you experienced any issues concerning:

Investment advice and financial planning

Have you any of the following concerns:

Consumer issues

Have you any concerns or complaints about:

6. Age Based Discrimination

Discrimination in employment

Age discrimination in employment arises in the areas of recruitment, terms and conditions of employment, opportunities for advancement, and dismissal/redundancy. The Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) reports that many complaints arise from interactions with employment agencies, including:

  • employment agencies requiring people to divulge their age

  • being told by employment agencies that they were too qualified

  • being told that the job would suit a younger person.

Have you experienced any discrimination in employment?

Discrimination in the provision of goods and services

Issues of concern may include:

  • denial of contracts or loans because of income level or the limited time older people have for repayment

  • denial of travel insurance.

Have you experienced any discrimination in the provision of goods and services?

7. Elder abuse

Abuse of older people may include abuse by adult children, spouses, other family members, friends, carers or institutions.

Do you have concerns about the following types of abuse:



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