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    Roche Legal are leading No Win No Fee accident compensation lawyers with offices in Brisbane, Springwood and the Sunshine Coast.

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    Road Accidents

    If you’ve been injured in car or motorbike accident, or even as a pedestrian – you may be entitled to make a compensation claim through your superannuation.

    Work Accidents

    If you’ve been injured at work, and have made a Workers’ Compensation claim, you may be entitled to additional compensation through your superannuation.

    Public Place Accidents

    If you’ve been injured in public place such as slip and fall in a shopping centre, or someone else’s property – you may be entitled to make a compensation claim through your superannuation.

    Institutional Abuse Claims

    We help victims claim compensation against institutions such as the church and private schools for misusing or abusing their power and committing acts of sexual abuse.

    Estate Litigation

    If you’ve been left out of the will of a recently lost loved one, we can help you obtain your fair share by making a claim for further and better provision of the estate.

    Professional Negligence

    If bad advice from your lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor has caused you to lose thousands of dollars, you can make a compensation claim in court to recover your loss.


    Our Queensland lawyers offer fixed fee legal representation in the following practice areas.

    Total & Permanent Disability Claims

    If you’ve been seriously injured and unable to return to work, we run TPD claims on a no win no fee basis and with fixed fees. You can make a TPD claim in addition to a Workcover claim, public liability claim, or CTP claim.

    Family Law

    Roche Legal’s Springwood office offers fixed fee family law services including Binding Financial Agreements, Divorce Orders, Parenting & Child Support Agreements and Consent Orders. No win no fee is not allowed for family law matters.

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    Leading Queensland Compensation Lawyers for TPD Injury Claims


    Roche Legal’s client, Tim, tells his story of how he was first injured in a work accident followed by a motorcycle crash a few weeks later that wasn’t his fault. Tim suffered injuries that were life changing. He engaged Roche Legal to assist him with making claims on his TPD Insurance through his multiple superannuation policies. Roche Legal helped put Tim back on track financially by winning 100% of his claims.